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System is protected with several patents.


Machine vision diversity

closed loop earth swing gravity compensation

4D 3D+time fotonics

gravity compensated anti sway technology


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Älykäs tarrain

Productivity and safety for material handling

Improved building construction time by more efficient building crane control


Intelligent gripper crane












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A camera vision based

closed loop ANTI-SWAY

optical repositioning technology based on data fusion

two axis (X/Y) motion control method

  • A next generation positioning tool for all material handling machines

  • A machines global or local position based camera (one of  several cameras) selector tool for the machine driver and/or for the machine vision positioning system

  • The vision based image positioning from direction of the spreader (Intelligent gripper) towards the product itself or to the transfer goal position. The unpredictabile enviromental factors of transfer movement can be minimized.

  • Problems caused by eg. wind, tide, ship incline, structure bendings, wear etc. can with this system solved!

  • Self teaching, automated teaching or manual teaching based machine vision close loop system provides extreamly wide range of possibilities

  • A new step how to move materials more efficient and more safe by electrically controlled machinery 



By connecting an image to a numeric positioned machine location, a wide range of possibilities will be available for future material handling equipment.

By using wireless data transfer, the system is more flexible and easy to transfer from one crane to an other.



  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing working safety
  • Individual product and place identify
  • Mobility, easy to install
  • Wireless video and cotrol option
  • Several repositioning options and methods
  • Easy to use

A camera view from 25 m height while teaching and repositioning

A camera view  from a mobile crane boom top when an image teach is done


   A camera view from a mobile crane boom top when an image is repositioned during the crane moment

Repositioning system

A new flexible method for all numeric positioned applications. On a wanted camera position will be taken an image which is saved in to computer memory. With the image will be stored position information etc. When next time equipment arrives near this saved position, system automaticly selects right camera and this saved image for repositioning purposes.

Even systems with a raw position accuracy its possible to achieve image based absolute accurate reposition for places and products.

Furhermore its possible to make constructions lighter and positioning is even more accurate.

When positioning adjustment is done between between the gripping tool and target itself, control is needing less power and force.

System can also be used simply as a automatical camera view selector.

Positioning accuracy in referency to real target area is scalar to customer requirements by using different optical camera lenses. With wide lens images accuracy is less accurate than with tele lens. 



For a large number of applications

New computer based machine vision camera control and display system is providing an new working stage for crane productivity and working safety especially on applications where drivers or control systems direct vision to coal area is missing.  Such applications may be:

  • Tower cranes
  • Mobile cranes
  • Continer cranes
  • Positioned vehicles
  • Industry cranes
  • Robotics
  • Product individual identification
  • etc.

System may be used as 'add on' for positioning systems providing an new dimension for numeric controlled systems. Furhermore system produces an automatical camera view tool for applications where position accuracy and working safety is important.

Based on new innovations

  • Video camera vision based additional global repositioning for any numeric positioned control system
  • For applications where you have to relocate an place or a product
  • Increasing disorder of products or forms makes SIME system work even better!
  • Possible to use in multi enviroments
  • Vision based ANTI-SWAY where control is done between gripper and goal position
  • Image to be surched will be individual, a point teached while near goal point, a product teached just after gripper unattached
  • Automatical camera selection system, the best and right view while transport movement
  • Several other innovations for material handling equipments
  • Continious technology research and system development

Long time product development

  • Computer controlled cranes since 1985
  • Vision based reposition research 1994-
  • Database stored SQL factory and www automation since 1995
  • 1999 Patent FI103031 Closed loop self teching anti-sway
  • 2001 Patent US6,256,553 Closed loop self teching anti-sway & KOR0431578 & CA2236041
  • 2004-2005
  1. Repositioning system
  2. Pin-needle marker position method
  3. Wireless zoom camera application
  4. Wireless GPS
  5. Lifting hook movement based generator
  6. Generator based camera send on/off control system
  7. CNC, GPS or analog positioning
  • 2007 Patent FI 117835 Positioning method
  • 2009 pat.apl. FI20095324 Closed loop motion control

The history of the name 'Intelligent Gripper'

(In finnish 'Älykäs tarrain')

'Intelligent gripper' has been the project name for this technology project since the company SIME was established 1994.

What ever machinery and tool is used for conveyance products between two points like spreader, C-hook, crane hook, magnet, vacuum gripper etc., the main goal is to do this transportation task more easier, more efficient and with a higher working safety. Those above mentioned goals were and still are the purpose of this product.



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