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Machine vision diversity

closed loop earth swing gravity compensation

4D 3D+time fotonics

gravity compensated anti sway technology


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Nopeampi rakennusaika tehokkammalla rakennusnosturin ohjauksella


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Productivity and safety for material handling

Improved building construction time by more efficient building crane control


Intelligent gripper crane













The SIME technology is a radical machine vision based several stages including technology improvement and a major extension for machine vision usage.

Our optical closed loop real time control and repositioning systems will improve material transfer on several industrial production environments.

Our mission is to transfer a load from point A to point B so that we take earth gravity and its rotation around poles and the sun followed several effects into closed loop motion control as a one input.

Globally, where a product will be gripped, transferred and put down, our technology improvement goal is:

    1. 25 – 40 % material transfer time reduction where products are transferred semi or full automatic 
    2. 5 – 15 % transfer time reduction with manual controlled cranes
    3. 5 – 15 % energy saving by improving goal point positioning
    4. To reduce building industry blind man lifting caused fatal accidents and injuries by providing the tower crane driver visual sight to working area with the very same equipment used to improve crane motion control
    5. 4D closed loop optic automation by fixing 3D-space environment changes to working environment after unpredictable time span (3D + time span) 

Self teaching machine vision enables optic close loop motion control for conditions where human vision is reduced. For machine vision technology this 'teach on fly' is still new and unused as far we know.



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