LOKOMO Mobile crane demo 
On this video is
  • started an project
  • programmed points
  • started AUTO positioning display
  • programmed two points from two camera views
  • repositioned points
  • changed camera views between two cameras


The most important things are that the driver

  • can teach points very easy

  • does not have to remember any numbers etc. Points can be named also as driver wants

  • camera view can be changed automaticly during the conveyance movements

  • by using actual product or a place as a referency, errors from like bending, wind, flow and tide can be avoided!

  • by using zoom lence, positioning can be adjustable accurate

  • can use adjustable aim crossing for raw positioning

  • can teach a point without the load and do the reposition with the load, positioning method will produce the very same place!

Lokomo mobile crane  If you are interested to make more profitable crane work with higher working security please contact SIME.