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System is protected with several patents.


Machine vision diversity

closed loop earth swing gravity compensation

4D 3D+time fotonics

gravity compensated anti sway technology


Tuottavuutta ja turvallisuutta tavarankäsittelyyn


Nopeampi rakennusaika tehokkammalla rakennusnosturin ohjauksella


Älykäs tarrain

Productivity and safety for material handling

Improved building construction time by more efficient building crane control


Intelligent gripper crane











SIME Automation referencies

SIME Oy behind the success stories

Turn Key' factory project management

During the product development 1996-2004, SIME has designed and taken in production for a Finnish powder painting company three powder paint shops. All projects have included all

  • mechanical designing

  • main power supply designs

  • automation designing, PLC and PC controls

  • installation supervision

  • local system education

  • factory start up

All factory production lines have PC monitoring. 

All factories include total automatical pretreatment line crane designs, power and free conveyor control systems and process heating controls (up to 1.2MW - 1200kW)


Tallinn, Estonia, 1997,  total power of 1.2MW

Vilnius. Lithuania, 2002, total power of 800kW

St.Petersburg, Russia, 2004, total power of 1MW

St.Petersburg, Russia, 2008, total power of 1.2MW (

System upgrades for Helsinki, Finland


Factory 'Turn key' mechanics, electrics and automation designing

INLOOK Oy 1996-

INLOOK Color OU Tallinn 1996-

INLOOK Vilnius UAB 2002-

Inlook Color SP Petersburg 2003-2005 Parnas

Inlook Color SP Petersburg 2007-2008 Boksitogorskaja


Raicon Systems Oy Espoo 1996-2004

Production development

Sisu-Diesel Oy Linnavuori 1996-2004


Corenso United Oy Imatra 1990-1996

Fagerhults belysning AB Habo 1992-1995

Product development and consultation

Sunds Defibrator Oy Loviisa 1996

Hydro Aluminium Salko Oy St.Petersburg 2006

Aker Finnyards Turku 2006-2007


Power and Free

Programmable logic controller controlled Power and Free painting lines controls with PC HMI monitoring


 Finnish Diesel motor painting and finishing line

  • Power and free conveyor system design, installation, and programming

  • With Windows NT monitoring

Data acquisition system for finishing line

  • Prehandling and painting process values to database

  • Intelligent SQL queries with user interface

Fully automatical robitized motor painting control

  • Fully automatized painting robot system with easy user interface

  • One and two component painting with several colors

  • Individual one by one motor painting programming for induvidual moror


During 1996 - 2003 SIME automation development and services was in a important role which partly led the Finnish diesel motor manufacturer to its current success story. System development since 1996 from orginal manual diesel engine painting and handling lead between years 1996-2003 fully automatized robot painting with barcode controlled SQL database motor finishing. SIME system  development enabled partly to achieve the huge increase of the factory output during that time.


Nevertheless the working conditions, finishing quality and delivery accuracy were improved at the same time.

Robotic system designs, SEMI automatic crane controls and FULL automatical controls for portal robots

Automatic factory PC and PLC TSX7 control system for a Finnish core manufacturer 

Automatic portal robot PC and PLC S5 controls for a Finnish office table manufacturer

Palletizing portal robot PC controls for a Swedish luminescent lamp manufacturer

Intelligent palletizing portal robot crane PC controls with SAP database interface and others for an international PC manufacturer

Automatical liquid dipping cranes for aluminium pretreatment lines with computer interfaces for for baltic and russian area



Customer automation support

Sime has a huge potential to solv automation problems because of existing knolledge from both mechanical and automation means to design automatical material handling systems.

PLC control emergency repairs

Several other smaller emergency projects with short time warning notice where end user needs quick support for broken PLC system like:



  • IDEK

  • Schneider Electric



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